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"Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!""
                                    -Robin Williams
Welcome to our gallery!
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Mother Geraniums
Geranium benches
A bougainvillia will take the sun day after day
Coffee is on every weekend in May!
You can always find a spot to sit
Hydrangea and bougainvillia
Planter for local business
We can always show you how to plant something like this yourself!
Custom planter
Custom planters
14" Mixed Basket
Liner station
Fertilizer station
Our perennial selection changes weekly
Every year we bring in a nice selection of shrubs for your garden
Bagged soils, fertilizers and mulch
Delivery of bulk soil and mulch
Bulk mulch that we deliver or load into your trailer
People always comment on how clean our greenhouse is.  Here is our secret weapon!
Around The Greenhouse
13 greenhouses
Our truck travels from Toronto to Algonquin Park to Kingston!
In 2015 we grew the flowers for 8 towns in Ontario
Custom hanging baskets just planted for a city in the GTA
Forcing trees for Canada Blooms
Forcing plants for the Ottawa Garden Show